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Impressive Health Benefits Of Kesar | Saffron Milk

Kesar milk is best known to all Indians as a magical drink to cure many ailments. Well, apart from this, kesar milk is scientifically proven to have many health benefits. In this blog, we shall reveal the benefits of kesar milk.

Along with this, we shall also explore how to prepare Kesar milk. Let us kick start the blog on the nutritional status of Kesar milk and know more about Kesar!

What is Kesar?

Kesar is well-known as saffron. It is a very popular and expensive spice used in Indian Cuisine. Kesar milk or saffron milk has endless benefits. It is known to have Indian origin and strong organic roots with medicinal properties.

Let us discover the top 10 benefits of kesar milk in the next part of the article.

Top 10 Benefits of Kesar Milk

The benefits of kesar milk are as follows –

1. Improved digestion and appetite

Warm kesar milk helps in boosting healthy digestion. It makes you feel fuller due to the natural content of protein in the milk. This also helps in boosting metabolism naturally. Kesar milk is considered a natural weight loss drink and appetite suppressant which helps reduce cravings. It also helps in relieving constipation by promoting a healthy digestive tract.

2. Healthy glowing skin

Let us unleash the benefits of kesar milk for the skin. Kesar milk is best known for healthy and glowing skin, which works both internally and externally. When kesar milk is applied externally, it works as a glowing mask for the skin.

3. Enhances immunity

One of the best benefits of kesar milk is to boost immunity which helps protect the body from cold, cough, or other diseases. Immunity is the defensive system of the body which helps in a protective shield formation to keep diseases at bay and prevents you from falling ill recurrently.

4. Pregnancy benefits

We are well aware of the pregnancy benefits of kesar milk. Since ancient times, kesar milk has been consumed by pregnant ladies as a healthy ritual during the pregnancy phase for the newborn to be healthy, wise, and beautiful. This has been practiced in India for a long and has been proven to have great medicinal effects.

5. Helps with insomnia

Saffron is considered a great remedy for insomnia. Kesar milk helps boost good sound sleep with great quality hours to leave you refreshed and energized for the next morning. It helps recharge your cells naturally by boosting energy levels.

6. Holistic effects on mind and body

Kesar milk has holistic effects on the mind and body and is considered a great natural remedy for holistic well-being. Kesar milk’s natural sweetness helps stimulate the “feel good hormones” to help you relax and rejuvenate.

7. Good for heart health

Saffron is considered a great source of vitamins and minerals which can work wonders for overall heart health. It helps boost overall blood circulation in the body and prevents atherosclerosis or hardening of arteries.

Kesar milk is considered one of the best natural healing foods. Saffron has active elements which is known as crocetin which helps in reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It is great for preventing heart-related diseases with future complications.

8. Helps boost memory

One of the best benefits of kesar milk in pregnancy is memory boosting of the newborn child in the womb. As per research, it has been confirmed that kesar milk helps to boost memory and is also known as an official memory-enhancing spice.

As per studies, it has been confirmed that kesar milk helps boost brain cells and prevents the signs of Alzheimer’s disease in the long run. This helps improve memory skills by stimulating the hippocampus.

9. Helps protect against cold

Kesar milk is a great natural drink to boost immunity and protect from recurrent episodes of cold. Drinking warm kesar milk with haldi works as a great anti-inflammatory drink with amazing healing properties which is great for the respiratory system.

10. Relieves menstrual cramps

Suppose you have been battling with menstrual cramps for premenstrual syndrome or polycystic ovarian disease which results in abdominal pain. In that case, it’s time to indulge in regular usage of warm saffron milk. Warm kesar milk when consumed during menses can work wonders for abdominal pain to relieve menstrual cramps.

How to prepare Saffron or Kesar Milk?

Kesar milk is easy to prepare and involves three main ingredients which include-

  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Saffron
  • Honey

Steps to prepare Kesar milk

Step 1: Pour the milk into the pan and boil for 5 minutes
Step 2: Add some honey to the milk
Step 3: After 1 minute, add some saffron
Step 4: Add some pieces of dry fruit to garnish it
Step 5: Add Kesar powder to add some flavor and taste to Kesar milk

You can also enjoy kesar badam milk by incorporating almond milk instead of cow and buffalo milk. Indulging in plant-based milk works best for overall health.

What is the price of kesar 1 kg in India?


Kesar is one of the priceless valuable spices available to us in India. Kesar’s price is pretty affordable in the Indian market. The kesar price of 1 kg in India would depend on various factors which include the following-

  • Type of Kesar
  • Quality of Kesar
  • Origin and region of place for Kesar
  • Market demand for Kesar

Saffron or kesar is considered one of the most expensive and valuable spices cultivated and nurtured in India by all. It has high market demand. Moreover, it is considered a luxury commodity with a high exponential rate. Kashmiri saffron is considered one of the most precious spices in the world. And, we should be proud to possess this precious spice in India. So, invest in this spice for great health and overall well-being.

Dr. Rati Parwani
Dr. Rati Parwani
Dr. Rati Parwani is a Professional Practising Medical Doctor with expertise in treating lifestyle-related chronic diseases. With over ten years of clinical experience, she currently provides medical and holistic care for all age groups with professional case consultation and therapeutic medicine.


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