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Discovering the Best of Kolkata’s Street Food Scene

Kolkata, the cultural center of India, is known for its mouthwatering cuisine. If you haven’t had Kolkata street food, you have not truly visited the city. Whether it’s Channar Jilipi or Phuchkas, the city of Joy’s mouthwatering flavors are sure to please your taste buds.

With the diverse selection of street food available in Kolkata, will have experienced all the key highlights of the region’s cuisine. Are you staying in Kolkata and trying to find the best alternatives for street cuisine in this vibrant city? The city offers a wide variety of street food places that will satiate the craving to eat delicious food, from fancy pastries to mouthwatering chaat! 

The following are the top street food specialties in Kolkata that you just must eat when strolling through the city’s streets and savoring the explosion of flavors and spices. 

Let’s discover some of the well-known Kolkata’s Street Food

1. Phuckas

Puchkas, which are loaded with tamarind chutney, pickled water, pudina, and lime, are the best street food in Kolkata. They are filled with mashed potatoes, spiced, and then stuffed with these ingredients. Although they are related to golgappas, what distinguishes them from golgappas or pani puri is the distinctive flavor of Kolkata. 

The best locations to visit are Dilipdas’s Phuchkas in Vivekananda Market, Krisnakant Sharma’s Stall in Vardan Market, the kiosk beside Triangular Park, Ram Gupta’s Stall at Victoria Memorial, Nankuram Gupta’s Stall at Russell Street, and Bada Phuchkawalla in New Alipore.

2. Churmur

The ingredients of this street food from Kolkata, which is similar to puchka, include mashed potatoes, onions, spices, and, of course, tamarind pulp. Even though churmur and puchka taste similar, churmur is easier to consume. 

Your tour of Kolkata’s street food will be incomplete if you don’t try Churmur. The Maharaja Chaat Centre on Southern Avenue and Bhawanipore are the ideal places to go.

3. Ghugni Chaat

Ragda from Mumbai is a good example of what is being referred to. The major component of ghugni is boiling yellow and white peas, which are combined with spices such as onions, coriander, tomatoes, and chilies. Tamarind pulp is then added as the finishing touch. 

In Kolkata, this dish is a favorite on the streets and is well-deserving of its fame. The best sites to visit are New Market and Dacres Lane.

4. Jhalmuri

Jhalmuri is a tasty street meal that is accessible across the city and is a simple and fast snack. A variety of ingredients, including puffed rice, namkeen, peanuts, coriander, onions, tomatoes, spices, and chilies, are combined to make the snack. It’s the fastest and greatest street food in Kolkata since it does not require cooking or oil. 

In a conical newspaper wrap, the finished product is then presented. Simply snack on it while moving, or pair it with hot tea. The best locations are Triangular Park and Jawaharlal Nehru Road.

5. Dahi Bada, Kolkata Style

Keemar Doi Bora is made by combining beef Dahi Bada with sweet dahi and sprinkling phoron—cinnamon, a dash of red chili powder, cumin, black mustard seeds, and fenugreek over it. This meal is distinctive and one of the greatest street foods in Kolkata for North Indians to sample. Burrabazar is the best spot to visit.

6. Ghoti Garam

Try this delicious dish known as Ghoti Gorom, which combines chanachur with onion, lemon juice, and salt. With the greatest sweet and spicy flavors, this street cuisine is a favorite on the streets of Kolkata. If you are feeling hungry, be sure to purchase one packet and eat it while traveling. Princep Ghat is a good option for having it.

7. Aloo Dom Luchi

Aloo Dom is the Bengali version of dum aloo, and if you haven’t had it with Luchi, you’re really losing out. While visiting Kolkata, be sure to include Fairlie Place on the itinerary and savor the delectable flavor of the divine mashup of Bengali spices.

The Aloo Dom, along with other well-known street dishes, can be found near the central business center. Fairlie Place in the Central Business District is the best place to visit.

8. Channar Jhillip

It is juicy, soft, and chewy, making it the perfect street snack for anyone with a sweet craving in Kolkata. A cottage cheese-based jalebi from Kolkata is called Chanar Jilipi. 

It has a texture akin to gulab jamun and is thicker than a typical jalebi. Essentially, that combines the deliciousness of two treats. The best sites to visit are College Street and Golpark.

9. Kabiraji Cutlet

For non-vegetarians, a vacation to Kolkata would not be complete without trying the fabled Kabiraji cutlet, which is pricey but worth it. The cutlet’s mouthwatering flavor is to die for since it is made with minced mutton that is wrapped in an egg net and deep-fried. 

The Kabiraji cutlet is a must-try among the many wonderful street meals served here. Mitra Cafe is the best place to visit.

10. Mughlai Parantha

The Mughlai paratha is essentially a flatbread filled with chicken keema and broken cutlets, onion, and eggs. One of Kolkata’s most hearty and soul-satisfying street foods, this dish tastes amazing. 

The Mughlai Paratha, which can be found practically anywhere in the city, is delicious. Anandi Cabin is the ideal location to visit.


Kolkata’s street food is a vibrant tapestry of flavors that reflects the city’s rich cultural heritage. From the iconic Kathi Rolls to the delectable Puchka, each bite tells a story of tradition, innovation, and a deep love for gastronomy.



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