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Discover the Best Fast Food for Weight Loss in 2024

Focusing on calorie intake? Well, these best fast foods for weight loss can help you with weight loss. This may sound delicious. But, we never go to fast food joints to reduce weight. However, choosing the right cheat meal once in a while can have a major impact on your weight loss journey. It is important to choose real food for weight loss with the best fast food options. 

Why choose fast foods for weight loss?

Let us know why choose fast foods for weight loss-

Healthy options with protein and salad

Cheesy, greasy, and delicious fast foods are considered quick and convenient. Over the years, fast-food chains have gained immense popularity. Yes, some fast food chains have come up with healthy options, including Burger King, McDonald’s, and Subway, which have added a dash of salad and protein filling to their menus for a lighter bite.

Nutritional facts with calorie counts

It has been seen these days that the majority of fast food chains are offering calorie counts. They are also providing details into the macronutrients which gives us some peace of mind to enjoy delicious meals during our weight loss journey.

Opt for low-calorie fast foods

Some fast foods are labeled as low-calorie foods. It is essential to check the number of calories in certain foods with the help of a calorie calculator. Keep a calorie calculator always handy to check the number of calories. Calculate your daily intake of calories regularly which helps in controlling your food portions and ultimately weight loss. However, remember a low-calorie meal is not always healthy.

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Best Fast Food For Weight Loss

Wondering the best fast food option for weight loss? Let us give you a sneak peek into the best fast food options for weight loss.


The crispy chicken BLT is hard to beat. It has low-calorie options at Wendy’s. It has amazing ingredients such as fried chicken, cheese, bacon, and mayo which is yummy to taste. This is one of the best nutritional options which is worth grabbing at 400 calories.

Burger King

Burger King is the best way to enjoy a delicious burger and wraps with moderate calories. If you find yourself at Burger King, opt for BK Royal Crispy Wraps under 400 calories. Make sure to have your salads at home to keep your tummy full before you ask for a second wrap.

Jack In The Box

Jack In The Box offers several types of salads that can be customized based on your preferences. It is important to top up your salads with dressing. You can also opt for protein cubes of chicken and grated cheese in grilled or baked form. Drizzle on balsamic vinaigrette to keep your calories under 500. 


Checkers, also known as Rally’s, has an amazing collection of low-calorie sandwiches. Yes, it has good nutritional content with crispy fish sandwiches, bacon cheddar crisp, a Jacked BBQ Burger, and more! With one of these options, you can still stay under 500 calories. 

Subway sandwich 

With amazing options, subway sandwiches are healthy and nutritious. They have great salad options too with high-protein such as paneer, chicken, and tofu, which work wonders for your health. 

Chick fil A 

Every chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-A is an exception with luxury options. The low-calorie sauces at Chick-fil-A are very tempting and worth indulging in. This is one of the best options to enjoy chicken options. The lowest calorie sauce is Chick-fil-A with 25 calories per container. Be cautious while making the best pick. 

Taco Bell 

There are many reasons to relish Taco Bell. Let’s explore! Taco has an amazing range of salads with vegetarian and vegan options. They have low-calorie meals which are commendable. Power bowls are one of the best recommended options which can range from 400-500 calories depending on which one you choose. 

Shake Shack 

Shake Shack has good low-calorie options if you want a lean body. Apart from hot dogs, it also offers amazing sandwiches. The sandwiches are considered to have low calories below 400 and are amazing to taste.

How to choose healthy fast foods for weight loss?

Improve your macronutrient content with protein to make the most out of your fast foods for weight loss. Here are simple rules that you can opt for to improve your nutritional profile in these ways – 

  • Skip soda in food 
  • Avoid loaded empty calories with sugar 
  • Reach out for items rich in protein to maximize muscle mass 
  • Opt for condiment and dressing instead of sugar, or salt with refined oil 
  • Opt for healthy protein-rich sauces

Fast food can be healthy with low calories depending on what you order. While going for fast food, it is strongly recommended for protein-rich healthy foods packed with amino acids which include meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy. The best idea behind the best fast foods for weight loss is to choose healthy options from branded fast food joints. Landing up on any fast food joints will just trigger calorie intake with high fatty greasy food leading to weight gain. For weight loss, it is important to choose the right effective foods that will help in your fruitful journey of weight loss. 

Dr. Rati Parwani
Dr. Rati Parwani
Dr. Rati Parwani is a Professional Practising Medical Doctor with expertise in treating lifestyle-related chronic diseases. With over ten years of clinical experience, she currently provides medical and holistic care for all age groups with professional case consultation and therapeutic medicine.


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