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A Guide to Overland Park Farmers Market in Kansas City

Looking for the best farmers market near you? 

Sustaining its glory over 35 years, Overland Park Farmers Market Kansas City is the heart of shoppers of all ages and interests. It is one of the widely popular farmers’ markets in Kansas City.

More often, it is recognized as a community-building tool that brings people together. This farmers market is home to vendors offering opportunities to sell freshly grown and made products such as wine, jams, jellies, veggies, bread, etc.

Overland Park Farmers Market is recognized as the nation’s favorite according to a poll by American Farmland Trust. Well, it is time to discover what other things you can do at Overland Farmers Market— except shopping.

Things to do at Overland Park Farmers Market in Kansas City

Overland Park Farmers Market

The KC farmers market offers a wide spectrum of activities for shoppers or visitors— ranging from sports, and musical concerts to sightseeing. There’s no shortage of activities both for children and adults.

Kid-friendly attractions of Overland Park Farmers Market in Kansas City

Children can enjoy the Discovery Room as, the opportunity to engage in weird, yet fun activities such as holding a hissing cockroach, digging for dinosaur bones, etc.

Most of all, they can also live their early life on a Kansas farm, which holds 200 animals (including livestock and birds of prey). If you’re a parent, head your children to the Indian Creek Bike and Hike trail just for a packed adventure.

Other kid-friendly activities include Top Golf where your kids can play golf. It offers virtual “Angry Birds” enabling parents to play with the kids and cheer up together.

Otherwise, head towards Thompson Park and Strang Park where your kids can engage in water play, swings, crawl tunnel, etc.

The KC farmers market also offers iFly, a kind of indoor skydiving. An instructor will guide your child to maximize the fun without feeling butterflies in their stomach.

Other most entertaining, yet heroic sports include Urban Air (which is perfect for family as well). It is a way to test your kid’s spirits.

Arts and Culture

A tour to the KC farmers market is futile if you don’t head towards:

  • Nerman Museum of Contemporary Arts
  •      Museum at Prairiefire
  •      Johnson County Museum
  •      Interurban Arthouse

 They are home to world-renowned contemporary arts and extraordinary art exhibits.


This farmers market in Kansas City is made to challenge your puzzle-solving skills with Mastermind
Games and Tick Tock Escape Games. Yet, offer chances to immerse into dining and binge shows at New Theatre & Restaurant.

Spectator sportsKansas City is a city of sports. Near the Overland Park Farmers Market, it has several stadiums and sports attractions, never allowing you to miss any match.


Every weekend, this popular farmers market in Kansas City organizes a variety of events and activities throughout the town. Check out the full event calendar here.

Note: Some points or local attractions come free of cost (e.g. Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, Thompson Park, Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead, etc), while others may cost.

Special note

Pets (except service animals) are not allowed during market hours to provide a clean and sanitary environment. It is advised to leave your pets at home

Address: 7950 Marty Overland Park, KS 66204

Phone: 913-895-6000

Hours: Wednesday + Saturday, 8 a.m.-1 p.m.

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