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The Top Food Truck Parks You Need to Visit – Foodsture


Food truck parks appear to be a major trend; they just started to become famous ten or so years ago. In the last few years, many food truck parks have been operated in various cities in America. Here are 10 food truck parks near me that provide street food, live entertainment, communal spaces, and more, as an example of what some of these food truck parks have to offer.

Bleu Garten, Oklahoma City

In OKC’s trendy Midtown neighborhood, Bleu Garten displays the menus of over 25 food trucks serving everything from burgers and tacos to Turkish, Italian, and Greek cuisine. The park offers a bar with cocktails, shooters, beer, wine, and cider in addition to its various gastronomic options. The food truck park is closed on Monday and Tuesday, but it is open on other days.

Cartlandia, Portland, Oregon

There are many food truck parks in this trendy city in the Pacific Northwest, but based on the quantity and quality of Google reviews, Cartlandia appears to be the most well-liked one.

30 food trucks and they served numerous cuisines with influences from across the world, from countries like Thailand, India, Korea, Mexico, and more.

There is also the on-site Blue Room Bar, a bar where you may enjoy a drink while eating food truck dishes (but no outside drinks allowed).

The Picnic, Austin, Texas

The capital of the Lone Star State is frequently featured as having some of the top food truck parks in the country. One of the most well-known is The Picnic, which is close to the variety of eateries in Barton Springs, just across the river from downtown Austin, and approximately a 10-minute walk from Zilker Park in Austin.

There are roughly a dozen trucks in the park, including a few places to shop and more places to dine. Expect tacos, burgers, Thai, Mediterranean, and other foods for dinner.

Rayback Collective, Boulder, Colorado

Rayback Collective Food Truck Park focuses on offering a place for the community to get together. It is open seven days a week and offers more amenities and areas that encourage people to congregate in addition to food trucks, such as a live music area, a coffee bar, and a standard bar.

Every day, around three mobile kitchens, are scheduled, serving a variety of cuisines such as tapas, crepes, Mexican, Tibetan, and crepes.

Music City Food Truck Park, Nashville

This place exhibits around 10 food trucks and the Music City Flea on Saturdays if you want your food trucks with a side of the flea market. The Music City Food Truck Park opened in 2019, and it offers live music, cocktails, beers, and hard seltzer, a 4,000-square-foot deck, and more than 70 picnic tables, along with cuisines. The Tennessee Cobbler Co., Allen’s Smokehouse, The Mac Shack, and other food trucks will be present.

GastroPark, West Hartford, Connecticut

GastroPark’s motto, which emphasizes community and is dog-friendly, welcomes the public to “come to gather and graze.” It offers beer, wine, mocktails, and other beverages in addition to having a few food trucks turn up most days of the week (it is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays).

This summer, the park will hold pop-up art exhibitions a few Saturdays a month until October, in addition to corn hole and other activities like dance parties, yoga, and coffee gatherings.



SoMa StrEat Food Park, San Francisco

This food truck park, which first opened in 2012, has just changed its name to District Six. While you’re there, you can get a haircut and participate in a gym class in addition to eating at one of the almost 15 participating food trucks.

Asian, Latin, Middle Eastern, vegan, and more cuisines are all available on the mobile kitchen’s menu, which is about as broad and international as you could hope for from a San Francisco eatery.

 9 Mile Garden, St. Louis, Missouri

The Affton neighborhood of St. Louis, about 20 minutes southwest of the city, is home to 9 Mile Garden, which has a seven-day rotation of the “best and most adored food trucks” in the area. Its 2021 roster features roughly 40 trucks, presenting a range of cuisines that is as broad as a food truck park can be.

There is also The Canteen, a “modern draught house” that serves cold brew coffee along with a wide selection of beers, wines, and cocktails. On Friday nights, live music performances, outdoor movies, and other special activities are all held at the park.

 Steelcraft Bellflower, Los Angeles

This food truck park is one of three Steelcraft facilities; the other two are in Long Beach and Garden Grove. You can order fried chicken sandwiches, tacos, pizza, and Filipino food at Steelcraft Bellflower and you can wash any of that food down with a beer from Ten Mile Brewing, a glass of wine from the Off-Duty Wine Bar, or a cappuccino from Solid Coffee Roasters.

A strong schedule of activities, including craft courses, pop-up shops, and live music, is also available. Ice cream is provided by the Long Beach soft-serve creamery, Softie House.

The Village Garden Food Truck Park, St. Augustine, Florida

Florida’s colorful, lush, and diverse culinary park, which debuted in late 2018, is another incentive to travel there in addition to the lovely and historic St. Augustine.

You can expect to find poke and aça bowls, smoothies, Mexican street food, BBQ, coffee, and macarons on the menu thanks to the two rotating mobile kitchens and four regular food trucks that are open seven days a week. The Village Garden is a pet- and family-friendly establishment that is situated close to the beach.


What is a Food Truck Park?

A Food Truck Park may be a gathering of different food trucks in one area, advertising an assortment of cuisines in a communal and dynamic setting. Turk Park could be a gathering of numerous food trucks in one area, advertising an assortment of cuisines in a communal and dynamic setting.

How does a Food Truck Park work?

Food trucks park in assigned spaces and customers can investigate diverse culinary choices, getting a charge out of an assorted extend of dishes from different versatile kitchens.

What types of cuisines are typically available at Food Truck Parks?

Food Truck Parks frequently include an assorted cluster of cuisines, including but not limited to Mexican, Asian, Mediterranean, grill, pastries, and more.

How do I find out which food trucks are at a specific Food Truck Park?

Check the park’s site or social media pages for the current lineup of food trucks. A few parks too have apps for real-time upgrades.



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